Meerkat Garden Stakes

Meerkat Garden Stake Statues

Meerkats are some of the cutest little critters ever. Their behavior is very fascinating, too. They’re socially refined, they’re quick, and they’re the ultimate pros when it comes to looking out for predators. While most of us will never own a colony of meerkats as pets, you will be delighted to know that you can own these fun-loving Meerkat Garden Stakes.

Deem your garden as the new ”Meerkat Manor.” Who knows? Random garden intruders might become frightened and confused by the sight of your new meerkat statues (like, what the heck is that?!) and decide to make like a scorpion and high-tail it far, far away from your property.

Meerkat Garden Stake Statues
Positioned to pop up in lawn, garden, or wherever you’d welcome a bit of whimsy, the stylized faces of our adorable meerkats lend a smile whatever the season! Set atop metal stakes, our garden statues are cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in natural tones exclusively for Toscano. Small: 8″H. Medium: 9″H. Large: 11″H.

Meerkat Garden Stakes can be found in sets of three for $12.95 or sets of six for $19.95 at Skymall and Amazon.

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