Mechanical Music Box

Mechanical Music Box

Remember those exquisitely decorated music boxes that you might have seen or had when you were much younger? You know, the one that had a small, metal crank that you’d turn to have a relaxing melody play. Well, now you get to create your harmonies with the Mechanical Music Box.

This little set will let you create some awesome classic-sounding tunes the old school way. This will make the perfect gift for budding musicians and pros. Music boxes have always been traditionally handed down from generation to generation as a sort-of family heirloom. Make these keepsakes even more special by fitting in your very own music in the box.

Mechanical Music Box

Mechanical Music Box

With this mechanical music box you can create your own melody in just a few minutes.

All you have to do is perforate the holes on the strip of sheet music and turn the crank. It’s easy and fun!

The music box includes 3 blank pieces of paper, a paper strip musical movement instruction manual, so you can compose your own songs, and also a paper with the Happy Birthday tune on it.

It’s a perfect gift for musicians.

The Mechanical Music Box is available from Curiosite for $18.38.

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  1. This gadget is the greatest, a nice hands-on DIY low-tech approach to music making. I have one and use it – there’s a video about it here: . There’s also a larger size (gives you a greater range of notes) available at

  2. music boxes, jewelry boxes Reply November 27, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    Where does one find templates for those hand cranked music boxes?

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