Maxi Pad Sticky Notes

Maxi Pad Sticky Notes

If you’re a guy and you happen to be clutching a pad of these Maxi Pad Sticky Notes, then I’m sure you’ll be getting a whole of strange looks. But once you start using these quirky sticky notes, then people will finally get that the joke was on them and definitely not on you.

The Maxi Pad Sticky Notes are a fun and different way to write and pass around notes, memos, or reminders. Although I do have to warn you: they’re obviously not going to be very absorbent. For more fun sticky notes, you can check out the Cursory Notes and Switch Notes.

Maxi Pad Sticky Notes

Maxi Pad Sticky Notes

We think the Maxi Pad Sticky Notes are great for those bad days that need to be made a little bit lighter with laughter. Your thoughts will flow as you draw and doodle all over these hysterically funny note pads. They’re great to use all month long. Not just for 3 or 4 days. In fact, they even have wings on them to help them fly as fast as possible from Baron Bob, amateur gynecologist.

The Maxi Pad Sticky Notes are available from Barob Bob for $6.95.

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