Mario Kart Go

Mario Kart Go

Get dressed for success with the Mario costume and get ready for some fun in true gaming geek style with the Carrera Mario Kart Go slot-racing system.

This high quality Carrera slot-racing system is fun for racing geeks of all ages as it brings the smash hit Nintendo game to life in a way that pixels and bleeps simply can’t compete with. Featuring top quality 1:43 scale versions of Mario’s colourful B Dasher and Wario’s Brute, Carrera Mario Kart Go is fully licensed by Nintendo so you know you’re racing around in the same crazy vehicles featured in the ludicrously addictive games.

Mario Kart Go

With over 20ft of looping, swooping, curving, swerving race track, this is no walk in the park. There’s even a chicane and a gravity-defying banked section that will have you holding your breath every time you whizz round. Talking of whizzing around, racers control their cars using handheld trigger style speed guns. Mario minus a joystick? Whatever next!

Mario Kart Go

The Mario Kart Go is available for £49.95 (about $100 USD) from Firebox.

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  1. Im a big fan of mario kart. I have it for N64,DS,GCN,and WII. im ten years old. I do not live in Tokyo or Japan. I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I even ordered Mario Kart Figures on Ebay.

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