Mario Kart Gadgets

Mario Kart Alarm Clock and Phone

Something for the Mario fans – a phone, an alarm clock and a Mario Cart R/C.

Mario Kart Phone ($60)
Features: Receiver Volume control, Ringer On / Off switch, Tone / Pulse switch, Flash, Redial.

Mario Kart Alarm Clock ($40)
Features: LED Alarm Clock, AM / FM Radio, Wake to Buzzer or Radio.

Unfortunately the alarm clock is out of stock, but maybe you can work something out using the Mario Kart R/C ($40). Who knows, if you’re handy enough you might soon have a Mario Clocky thing going.

Mario Kart R/C

(Alarm clock and phone via Nerd Approved)

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  1. Do you know the company that makes the alarm clock? I would love to purchase one

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