Mantis BK-2B Bottleneck Knife

Mantis BK-2B Bottleneck Knife

I picture two scenarios, one more realistic than the other, where the Mantis BK-2B Bottleneck Knife is going to come in very handy. First scenario, you’re out of ammo and the hottie from across the street is now a zombie stalking you down….What do you do? You whip out the Mantis Blade and show her it what you can do with 2 inches. Second scenario, you’re at a beach party and the hottie from across the street (non-zombified) can’t locate a bottle opener. What do you do? Quickly pullout your Mantis, open that bottle and proceed to show her a good time.

Lightweight and strong, the stainless steel Mantis Bottle Knife is legal in 50 states and features a 1.99″ modified tanto edge blade. Whether you enjoy hiking, camping or any other outdoor activity, the bottleneck knife is a handy accessory that can easily attach to a keyring, bag or other equipment.

Mantis BK-2B Bottle Opener and Knife

Mantis BK-2B Bottleneck Knife

  • 50-state legal butterfly knife with bottle opener
  • Attaches effortlessly to any keyring with its integral handle/latch configuration
  • Bottle opener can be accessed and used while knife is still attached to the keychain
  • To activate the knife, a simple flip of the latch exposes the blade
  • Overall Length: 3.750″
  • Blade Length: 1.990″
  • Blade Material: 400 series stainless
  • Blade Style: Modified Tanto Edge
  • Handle Material: 400 series stainless
  • Lock Style: Patented latch-lock with integrated handle springs
  • Carry System: Pocket Clip
  • Weight: 3.1 oz.

Perfect for the outsdoorsman, you can purchase the Mantis BK-2B Bottleneck Knife at ThinkGeek for $39.99.

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