MamaRoo Infant Seat

MamaRoo Infant Seat

As most parents will attest, anything that keeps your child safe and occupied while you catch a two minute breather is a good thing. GeekAlerts introduced you to 4moms in the past with the very creative Origami Baby Stroller and now we would like you to take a look at the MamaRoo Infant Seat.

The mamaRoo features five unique motions, built in sounds and can even connect to an MP3 player to help comfort your child and to give your hands a much needed break from all that holding, rocking, and swaying. Better than any ordinary swing or bouncy seat, the mamRoo is the only infant seat that moves “like you do.”

Choose between the ultra-soft plush seat fabric or the durable nylon, both come in assorted colors and are machine-washable.

4moms MamaRoo Infant Seat

MamaRoo Infant Seat

  • Five unique motions: The mamaRoo bounces up and down, and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their babies. Motions include: Car Ride, Ocean Wave, Rock-A-Bye, Tree Swing and Kangaroo
  • Built-in nature sounds: Choose from one of five built-in nature sounds or connect any MP3 player
  • Adjustable speeds: Slow down for rest or speed up to play
  • Reversible toy balls: Plush toy balls are perfectly sized for little hands and detachable for easy play, featuring reversible black/white designs on one side and colored patterns on the other side (for infants 4 months+ who can first see color)
  • Seat recline: The mamaRoo’s seat reclines to any position along its axis, and the machine-washable fabric zips in and out for easy cleaning
  • Choose your mamaRoo: Available in six colors (nylon and plush)

You can purchase the MamaRoo Infant Seat at from $190. 75 and at 4moms from $199.99.

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