MaKey MaKey Everyday Invention Kit

MaKey MaKey Everyday Invention Kit

No matter how awesome your game controller is, the MaKey MaKey Everyday Invention Kit can help you come up with something even better because almost anything can be used to control your computer programs and games.

Want to turn your staircase into a piano or use marshmallows to play Tetris? It’s possible with this kit, and it doesn’t even require any fancy science degree to make things work.

In order to turn the world around you into a truly unique controller, all you have to do is load up a game, instrument, word processor, or just about any other program, plug in the Makey Makey board, and decide what you want to connect the alligator clips to in order to transform that item into a touchpad… and deciding what to use will probably be the hardest part of the whole process because the items that can be used are almost endless.

MaKey MaKey Everyday Invention Kit

MaKey MaKey Everyday Invention Kit

  • Requires a computer with USB access
  • Bananas, grandmas, Play-Doh and macaroni not included
  • Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It’s a invention kit for beginners and experts doing art, engineering and everything in between
  • Compatible with over 5 million software apps, including Tetris
  • Try using Makey Makey with Powerpoint, Photobooth, Music Players, Video Players (including YouTube), Garage Band
  • Conductive with most fruits and vegetables, marshmallows, gummy sweets, macaroni and cheese, cupcakes, shrimp, plants, Play-Doh, people (connect one person to ground, and another to an input, and you can trigger sounds when they high-five), graphite from a pencil (make thick, dark lines, and be sure to draw on a smooth surface), foil and other metal objects, coins, magnets, nuts and bolts, forks and knives, or pots and pans
  • Contents: MaKey MaKey board, 7x Crocodile clips, 6x Connection cables, USB cable

Get ready to find brand-new uses for bananas, Play-Doh, and a ton of other objects with the MaKey MaKey Everyday Invention Kit for $65 at

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