Magnum Pi T-Shirt

Magnum Pi T-Shirt

Not everyone can grow a perfect mustache, drive a Ferrari and have hot women chasing them like Tom Selleck, aka Magnum…he even had an awesome TV name… But here’s your chance to feel special and have something not many others will. The Magnum Pi T-Shirt is a great mashup between the aforementioned hero of many and Pi…it also has perfect timing since this is the month of Movember and it is only available this weekend. Once this weekend is over, there’s no going back.

Available in men’s cut or ladies babydoll, this t-shirt has it all…and it comes in a wide range of sizes so no one has to miss out.

Magnum Pi

No, we didn’t forget the punctuation. This is a different television show than the one you remember: Magnum Pi. Solving any problems you might have with circles with style. Lives in Hawaii generally doing whatever it wants. Popular with the ladies. You know all the other mathematical constants are jealous of Pi, and that’s what the whole Tau kerfuffle is about. Plus, Pi was voted Mathematical Constant Most Likely to be Seen Sporting a Hawaiian Shirt in the yearbook. We think it’s a natural fit.

No one had it as good as Magnum, well maybe the Dos Equis Beer guy 🙂 Order your Magnum Pi T-Shirt this weekend and it should be delivered later this month from ThinkGeek.

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