Magnetix iCoaster – Magnetic Roller Coaster

Magnetix iCoaster

The Magnetix iCoaster takes construction toys to the next level by using the power of magnetism. It allows you to construct a magnetic roller coaster – complete with drops, loops and jumps.

The iCoaster combines speed, high-tech design, and magnetism into one package. As with all Magnetix toys, the basis of the iCoaster is magnetic power. The coaster’s “car” is a 15-millimeter metal ball — or “rider ball” — which is propelled along the track through magnetism.

Here’s a video demonstration of the Magnetix iCoaster:

Kids will be amazed as the rider ball seemingly levitates on the track of the coaster at high speeds, and they can construct the iCoaster in up to 10 different ways. Because it uses magnetism, the iCoaster is also capable of some jaw-dropping stunts. The ball will go through loop-de-loops, trampolines, sheer drops, and corkscrews. It will even “float” across broken areas in the track. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the “magnetic elevator,” which carries the ball up a shaft through magnetic power alone.

The iCoaster also comes with a Sound FX and Music Studio, which kids can use to put a soundtrack to their coaster. It features 4,000-plus distinct musical combinations, adding to the excitement with sound effects. The possibilities don’t stop there: Kids can also plug an MP3 player into the music studio and choose the perfect song for the coaster.

What’s in the Box

  • 17 Magnetix iCoaster tracks
  • 2 light-up sensors
  • 6 stunt pieces
  • 10 adjustable towers
  • 10 15-millimeter magnetic metallic rider balls
  • Magnetic elevator
  • Sound FX Music Studio

The Magnetix iCoaster is available from Amazon ($80) or Toys "R" Us ($90).

Magnetix iCoaster

(Via Toyology)

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  1. We have a set and it is great. I only wish that we could more parts to expand the design.

  2. Cool to hear. Yes, that would be a good thing.

  3. any suggestions as to where I could purchase this in Canada. Toys R us no longer carries it.


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