Magical Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

Rope Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

We all like to decorate our homes with interesting items to show off to friends when they come over. While your geek friends may appreciate your Alien Abduction Lamp, Harry Potter Death Eater Masks, TMNT Drinking Glasses, and Star Wars Trash Compactor Bookends, other people might just shake their heads. Fortunately, this Rope Lasso Wine Bottle Holder is one of those cool home decor items that both geeks and non-geeks will find fascinating. It is simple, elegant, and mystifying, as the wine bottle appears to float impossibly in the air.

Magical Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

  • Amazing optical illusion for your kitchen
  • Functional and incredibly stylish
  • Cleverly uses balance and counter balance
  • Fits almost any bottle of wine or spirit

Order the Magical Lasso Wine Bottle Holder for AU $39.95 (~ US $43) at You can also pre-order the lasso wine bottle holder for £19.95 at RED5. (It is expected to be in stock at RED5 any time now.)

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