Magic Music Monkey

Magic Music Monkey

Remember those Windows screensavers that featured some dancing naked babies who would groove their way all across the screen until you gave the mouse a nudge or resumed working? I wasn’t a huge fan of those because I personally found the babies a bit creepy. But one thing I can’t deny though, is that dancing baby sure made me want to bust a move or two whenever I’d see it dancing up a storm. And while the Magic Music Monkey won’t exactly make you want to do your thing on the dance floor, it will groove along with you and your music.

Simply plug in your MP3 player on the Magic Music Monkey, and watch him move. He’ll look so happy moving around that you probably won’t be able to keep your head from bobbing to the beat. A more futuristic speaker is the Hip Hop Pet Loudspeaker that’s almost as adorable as the Magic Music Monkey, albeit a bit more mechanical-looking in nature.

Magic Music Monkey

  • Grooving monkey speaker
  • Looks and feels like a soft toy
  • 23 x 22.5 x 23cm
  • Compatible with any MP3 player

The Magic Music Monkey speaker makes a brilliant companion for your computer or mp3 player – watch as he plays and grooves to your music! Simply plug him into the headphone port of your device with the supplied cable, power him up and he’ll start dancing. He’s definitely the most entertaining speaker we’ve seen and he’s sure to be a hit with the kids (both young and old)!

The Magic Music Monkey is available from Red5 for £19.95 ($32.)

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