white lumiglass as seen in Star Trek First Contact

Are you in need of a stress reliever that was consider high tech enough to be on Star Trek, First Contact?  The Luminglass transforms electric current into a spectacular array of light that responds to sounds like voices or music.  At only 6 inches in diameter and included with its own stand, this is perfect for your office or home work area.  Take break and just relax as you watch the electrifying lights dance behind the glass.  Several different colors are available.

rainbow luminglass light show

Crafted from fine quality glass, Luminglass transforms electric current into a spectacular array of light so unique, it was seen in the film Star Trek  “First Contact”. Just plug it in, and watch as lighting mysteriously dances inside a disk of glass that’s less than a quarter-inch thick! Create everything from a delicate tapestry of spider webs, to a powerful lightning storm! Luminglass also features a sound-responsive mode which, when used with your voice or music, creates a pulsating rhythm of light that will dazzle the senses. AC Adapter Included.

You can purchase the Luminglass at ThinkGeek for $29.99 and at from $24.89.  Take a look at another great stress reviler, the LED Art Cube.

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