Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors

Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors

Similar to how Batman’s bat symbol is cast into the night sky, Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors cast a nature-inspired shadow on the wall but by the light of a flickering candle flame.

As a gift, any of these five candle shadow projectors would excite the nature lover you know. They are original pieces of art and are a punchy diversion from paintings, photographs and sculptures. The shadow of a tree or the flower dances with the motion of the flame which adds a degree of entertainment.

Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projector

Invented by artist Adam Frank, this modern little oil candle casts an enchanting shadow from a tiny, stainless steel tree. As the flame flickers, the shadow of the tree moves like a light breeze is rustling its branches. A unique twist on a normal candle. Give one to your favorite hostess or light several at your next dinner party. The shadow’s intensity and size will be affected by additional light in the room – the darker the room, the better the results. Comes with two containers of odorless, clean-burning liquid wax that last 17 hours each. Available in five styles (from left to right): Cedar, Nest, Magnolia, Pine, and Bloom. Sold individually. Set of two refills also available. Made in Brooklyn.

Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors are $48 each at UncommonGoods. Candle refills are also available for $6.00 for a set of two. Also on

Speaking of shadows and candles, the Silhouette Candle Warmer is another fun piece of decor.

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  1. Sorry, you missed out on a sale today because you are not able to ship to Canada. This candle would have been a great gift for my Mother on her Birthday.

  2. I bought that oil candle at Amazon (because or your article) and also ordered several refills. It was exactly what I thought and looked beautiful and smelled great. I could not be any happier.

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