Living Dead Dolls Toy Soldier 10-Inch Doll

Living Dead Dolls Toy Soldier 10-Inch Doll

Add a terror-filled twist to your holiday season this year with the Living Dead Dolls Toy Soldier 10-Inch Doll, and make sure nobody ever forgets how you decorate for the Christmas season.

Dreams of candy canes and sugarplums are fine for everyone else when it’s time to put up the tree and wait for Santa’s visit but you want to do something a little different, don’t you? Why stick with the cute and happy stuff when that’s what everyone else is doing? The Living Dead Dolls version of a toy soldier lets you put a little nightmarish fun in the festivities… and you can still keep things cute because this little guy isn’t all that bad looking, as long as you ignore the weird eyes and blood-stained mouth. Also, he’s a great protector for Rotten Sam and Sandy because his dress uniform and faux-bearskin hat let people know he means business.

You can pre-order the Living Dead Dolls Toy Soldier 10-Inch Doll now and have it arrive on your doorstep in its own special holiday coffin in November 2012, giving you plenty of time to select the perfect place for him to stand guard. Reserve yours now for $24.99 at Entertainment Earth.

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  1. These Toy Soldiers are going to be a big hit, especially with Christmas being only weeks away when they are released. For Australian collectors you can get your Toy Soldiers from Go Figure Collectables.

  2. So cute! He and Nohell can be like BFFs or something. XD

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