Limited Edition Seiko Star Wars Watches

seiko yoda watch

If Yoda needed to tell time he would probably wear one of these Limited Edition Seiko Star Wars Watches. Renowned watchmaker Seiko has just announced that they are releasing a new Star Wars collection of themed watches with a collective run of only 5,000 pieces, 500 to 1500 pieces per design, in Japan. Six of the top characters are getting their own commemorative watches: Yoda, R2-D2, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and a Stormtrooper….where’s Chewie and Han 🙁

As you can see by the pictures, these watches are perfect for business and pleasure, offering sophisticated styling and a design finished off with a little Star Wars kick. Of the six, R2-D2 stands out the most with its digital hi-res display.

seiko r2-d2 watch

R2-D2 always finds a way to stand out in a crowd…This time it’s with a 300dpi black and white screen, which can display scenes from the Star Wars films.

seiko stormtrooper watch

Freshening up on your Japanese and making some new Facebook fans overseas is probably going to be your best bet to land one of these cool watches.

It looks like you can purchase the Limited Edition Seiko Star Wars Watches at with prices starting at 95,500 Yen. Hopefully they will find their way to and other world markets before they’re gone.

{Via TechnaBob, Cnet}

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