Lil Devils Trick of the Day Set

Lil Devils Trick of the Day Set

Among my siblings, my mother would always say that I was the naughtiest of all. I was also the reigning prankster among my sisters. Had I gotten this Lil Devils Trick of the Day Set, then who knows what havoc I could’ve wreaked and what pranks I could have gotten away with.

The Lil Devils Trick of the Day Set contains tools that every aspiring prankster would ever need: a Whoopee Cushion, a Joy Buzzer, and my personal favorite: a vial of Vanishing Ink. For more stuff to use to prank other people, you can check out the Prank Foaming Lighter and theĀ Two-Way Trick Squirt Camera.

Lil Devils Trick of the Day Set

  • Simple tricks and jokes that are sure to please!
  • What a novel(ty) idea!
  • Makes a great, wacky gift!

Make everyday a laughfest with this set of seven classic tricks, pranks and practical jokes. Each set includes a Whoopee Cushion, a Joy Buzzer, a Nail Through Finger trick, a piece of Trick Candy, a pack of Snapping Gum, a vial of Vanishing Ink and a Fly in the Ice Cube trick. Perfect for conniving children or nostalgic adults. 10 1/2-inches round illustrated blistercard.

TheĀ Lil Devils Trick of the Day Set is available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth for $8.99.

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