Leica i9 Concept

Lecia i9 Concept

Maybe you can have the best of both worlds; top rated smart phone and a Leica Camera.  The Leica i9 Concept is causing a stir in the digital world and it is one concept many people want to see come to fruition.  Top rated Leica Cameras are very expensive and while the iPhone takes a nice photo, the thought of having it combined with a Leica is exciting. Let’s hope they can keep the quality up and price down!

Lecia i9 Concept3


Create a feature set that complements Leica’s high performance camera systems and takes full advantage of the iPhone4’s power and rich features.

  • INDEPENDENT CAMERA BODY – doesn’t depend on the iPhone4 processor, making the i9 a true ready-to-shoot camera.
  • COMPACT OPTICAL ZOOM – offers true optical zoom with a greater number of focal lengths in a compact size.
  • LEICA RANGEFINDER – allows for faster uninterrupted shooting.
  • CASE FORM FACTOR – makes the i9 ultra-compact and protects your iPhone4 in a rugged and stylish case.
  • CAMERA BACK DOCK – loads your iPhone4 reminiscent to traditional 35mm film and takes full advantage of the iPhone4’s superior Retina Touch-Screen Display.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE CAMERA BACK – ensures the i9 is compatible with future generation iPhones.

Lecia i9 Concept2

If you want to learn more about how this idea went from the drawing board to precision concept, checkout out BLACK Design Associates, LLC and for a cool iPhone/iPod accessory that is available now look at the iPhone/iPod 3D Viewer.

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