LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts

LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts

Star Wars fans can rejoice; you can finally take off the Star Wars Good Guys and Star Wars Dark Side T-Shirts and wash them. No you won’t have to go shirtless. GeekAlerts has some other very cool Star Wars T-Shirts you can wear in the meantime. The LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts are available in several different styles all commemorating some classic characters from the movies.  Choose from Han Solo, Darth Vader, Bounty Hunter, or a Stormtrooper.  These t-shirts are 100% cotton and are officially licensed from LEGO and Lucasfilms.

Officially Licensed LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts

Officially licensed by Lucasfilm, each high quality 100% cotton tee is emblazoned with an iconic Star Wars character given the LEGO treatment. You won’t know whether to pull out your lightsaber or construct a cubist Death Star. There’s even a suitably smart quote underneath:

LEGO Star Wars Officially Licensed T-Shirts

LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts

  • 100% cotton
  • Officially Lucasfilm licensed
  • Officially licensed by the LEGO Group
  • Machine wash inside out

You can get your LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts at Firebox for £13.99 with free delivery.

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  1. Wow he’s a hottie! Does he come with the T-Shirt?

  2. No one else is commenting to agree with you, so I’ll just say, “We all agree!”

    ….or, rather, “Nice try guy from Firebox.”

    PS – Firebox should sent Geek Alerts a giant box of cool stuff to review!

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