LEGO Multibasket

LEGO Multibasket

If you need a trashcan for your Lego room, the LEGO Multibasket would be perfect. Wait—you don’t have a giant mansion with a special room just for playing Legos? If you aren’t Richie Rich, you can still get this Lego Multibasket to use as a storage bin or trash can for a bedroom, dorm room, office, etc. They come in four different colors, red, blue, black, and white, so they will match the rest of your decor.

The LEGO Multibasket is perfect if you liked some of the other Lego themes products like the Lego Water Bottles and Lego Lunchboxes. Just like how the drinking bottles incorporated a mini figure head as the bottle cap, this multi-basket uses a minifigure head as a handle for the lid.

LEGO Multibaskets

Storage unit or waste paper bin? Whatever you make of it, the LEGO Multibasket brings a cheeky bit of retro charm to any office or bedroom.

Use it to store your LEGO bricks or keep a lid on your discarded chocolate wrappers- the classic LEGO minifigure head on top of the Multibasket won’t judge. Made from sturdy plastic, it’s a handy thing to have within throwing range.

LEGO Multibaskets are available for £19.99 at

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