LEGO Head Lamps

LEGO Head Lamp

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wished you had three hands? Maybe you’re working on a project that that requires a little extra light, but you need both hands and a third would be great for holding the flashlight. That’s where the LEGO Head Lamps come into play. With a LEGO guy strapped to your head, you’ll be able to shine some extra light on anything you happen to be working on. Maybe you’re staying up late to build the Death Star, or maybe you just need to rummage through the deepest, darkest parts of your closet for a few extra LEGOs. Either way, when you need a little extra light, feel free to call on the LEGO hands free head lamp.

The LEGO head lamps come in a variety of characters and also feature clips that allow them to clip on to your shirts, pockets, or other things to help focus where you want the light shown.

LEGO Hands Free Head Lamp

You can easily turn the LEGO head lamp on and off with a click of a switch. Focus the light anywhere you want by using the stretchy yellow band as a headband or a necklace or even a belt.

LEGO Head Lamps

LEGO Head Lamps

  • For Ages 3 years and up
  • Clip your LEGO guy to the included headband or just about anything – a backpack, jacket, belt
  • Batteries required are included
  • Contains: LEGO clip-on mini-figure, Yellow headband

You can purchase the LEGO Head Lamp at ThinkGeek for $12.99 and you can get the LEGO City Fire Fighter for $14.99, LEGO City Construction Worker for $14.99, and LEGO City Police Officer for $14.99 all at

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  1. Graphic Design Wrexham Reply October 13, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    ha!, these are great, reminds me of my childhood!

  2. These are cool. I don’t know if I would wear it outside but I know my kids would. And that might be the problem 🙂

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