LEGO Guitar

LEGO Guitar

Check out this cool guitar made out of black plastic LEGO building bricks.

The creation includes all of the functioning parts, such as pick-ups and bridge. The only thing missing is a set of strings, and you’ll be ready to start jamming.

Visit for a larger photo of the LEGO Guitar.

(Via Gearfuse)

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62 Responses to “LEGO Guitar”

  1. I want one!!! very cool.

  2. I don’t think the neck will work
    Because there will be to much pressure and it will break

  3. That might be true Kyle – it will look good just standing in a room, though. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. this is awsome i would so buy it but i dont have any money (as usual). But its still awsome best guitar in the world

  6. if u built it and used super glue to stick the pices togethr it would be fine

  7. Yes, it probably would Danny. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Even if you could reinforce it enough to meet the demand of the strings, you would still need a real fretboard. Either way that’s no big deal because it’s still one of the most badass Lego creations ever.

  9. Amazing…. all thats needed to be said

  10. will the strings even hold?

  11. why would you ruin your guitar

  12. K suave… This Is awsome
    Go Guitars!!!

  13. K, so technically you could superglue the whole damn thing, and wire it all to work fine, and set it up to support the pressure of the strings AND get a functioning fretboard on there, would anybody feel right playing it if they didn’t go the extra distance to make a lego amp? I think that has to come next. And a lego cord… somehow…

  14. from my own personal experience playing guitars, a fretles guitar will always be cool. just ask Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick.
    sweet guitar, great idea, would play in concert. would sound awesome with a delay, flanger, phaser, and chorus. imagine the possibilities of sounds! the P-90 pickup is a great idea.

  15. Holy Crap, how much does it cost? where could you buy it? i’d also end up taking it apart then putting it back together again!!! i want one sooo bad!!!

  16. The Lego guitar is only a personal project so far. You’ll find a link with more info in the article above.

  17. This is awesome. It is a lego of my favorite guitar. You should plug it in and put strings on it. Totally awesome!

  18. hmmm its fretless swish

    i wonder if u could put a trussrod in it so the neck wouldnt snap, wouldnt get much bend out of it though

  19. awesome guitar!
    too bad it wont handle string tension ๐Ÿ™
    but still, this is so cool!

    i can see it now, someone smashing it after a show…and then sitting there putting it back together xD

  20. thats cool my friend would love that it would be like his two favorit things legos and guitars!!!

  21. Dude that is AWSOME!!!! That has to be hands down the coolest thing i’ve seen anyone do with legos or blocks or whatever… it’s cool

  22. it wouldent hold the strings as its got no mashine heads and if it did it would be oh so fragiel but yes its still pretty cool

  23. 1234to hell with the rest Reply July 15, 2009 at 8:48 am

    dude do you honistly think it would play acoustickly or would need some sort of lego amp or somthing

  24. OMG!!! that is the coolest thing ever! i want one ๐Ÿ™‚
    but wouldn’t it easily break apart or something….

  25. This is totally awesome.I want to buy a LEGO guitar………………

  26. play electric guitar Reply August 18, 2009 at 11:56 am

    I guess that would be a set neck fretless guitar. There are epoxy glues one could use to handle the extra tension of the strings. The fingerboard would definitely be straight and flat.
    This thing could actually work well with a seriously detuned setup, but I doubt it’ll be comfortable.

  27. You should make a video of someone playing Hells Bells – AC/DC on YouTube then link to it, that would be badass. Plus, I have that Model of a Guitar – Ebony Gibson SG Special – Great Guitar.

  28. AWESOME……….. i want 2 say butneck will not work

  29. That guitar is cool but I know of one, no two, much cooler Lego guitars. A six string and a bass.

    Both play and keep tune. Have wood necks, set or through. These things are way more finished looking with no spray paint.

    Please check the vids on youtube and rate them is you have a minute.

    I will try to post pics but doubt it will work.

    Cannot get pics to work. Take my word for it, they are worth a minute to look at.

  30. i want this india.
    wats the price of thi guitar
    it is cool ,is it work better

  31. I Love Guitars! And this one is awesome!:-)

  32. dude.. F**kiN AWESOME

  33. Oh! so cool ๐Ÿ™‚ where can I download this guitar

    Please send it my email address

  34. too much time on your hands. should’ve kept playing guitar hero. plastic rock rulz!!! not

  35. you could just make it out of wood and then have a top layer of lego. would look the same and be perfectly able to resist string tension. also, if you add taller fret bars to the wood then you could lego in between and have a working fret bar. what about accoustic?

  36. No way man that’s sick!!!
    but death ( that’s a nerdy name) has a point it you could use it but still sick as hell man!!!

  37. that is so cool! Had to text my friends right away!

  38. hey dude there is no fretts on that guitar! you can’t play it sorry! you need fretts and strings!

  39. Waooooooo……..awesome……lol

  40. if this could work and eric clapton played it he would rip his hand up on the high pitched notes from the cutaway. plus the neck is too short so someone would have to make it longer, but even with glue i dont think some plastic legos are gonna hold up to the pressure of the strings.

  41. haha its a gibson sg. angus young plays it!

  42. its cool n beautiful, if u wanna give me

  43. its really cool,nice and attractive .please buy for me

  44. this guitar in the oicture it’s a shit it dose not have any strings

  45. awesome..can we really play with this type of guitar?..never seen one..i hope that i have this in my collection so i can brag to my friend..:)

    i hope it won’t break…

    5 October 2008 at 9:27 pm

    In Response the guitar may be able to withstand the force if the peices were superglued or gorilla glued in place

  47. i like i but i cannot ring it. It is so sad for me.

  48. It is a crazzzzzzzzzy instunent for me.

  49. dude that pretty cool if i was u i would make it into a bass just because i think it would sound better

  50. this is one guitar you can smash and never have to worry about buying another ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. very like this guitar as well as the solo played

  52. im creatin this guitar in red ๐Ÿ™‚

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