LEGO Guitar Amp

LEGO Princeton Reverb Guitar Amp

Dave Chatterson, a 28-year-old guitarist from Kitchener-Waterloo, has created this cool detailed replica of a Fender Princeton Reverb amp using the classic plastic LEGO building bricks. In other words, a creation that will look great together with the LEGO Guitar.

Chatterson’s Lego/Princeton handiwork simply must be seen to be believed. It’s unbelievably detailed—guts and everything. Lego cabinet, grille, handle, fittings, speaker, knobs, switches, jacks, tube chart, reverb tank, power cord and footswitch. It has a removable Lego chassis, for God’s sake, with Lego tubes, wires, transformer, capacitors and stuff. It even has a Lego Fender logo on the front, sort of.

LEGO Princeton Reverb Guitar Amp

Head over to the official Fender website for more photos of the LEGO Princeton Reverb Amp and an interview with Dave Chatterson.

Thank you for the link, Dave Chatterson!

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  1. Most excellent!

  2. WARNING:One loud strum may cause this product to break.

  3. I build real tube amps and loved this! I bet it takes longer to do what you do. I send a cyber handshake to a fellow crazy musician. Keep the world smiling amigo.

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