LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman

LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman

A few days ago, GeekAlerts introduced you to the new tag team creation between LEGO and DC Comics. The LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Sets are a crossover design that brings your favorite DC Comic characters to your favorite building blocks for exciting hands on action.

Build the LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman so you can take on the Joker and maybe Darth Vader or a few of your other top LEGO characters. This set includes 40 pieces and when completed, Batman stands over 8 inches tall.

LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman #4526

LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman #4526

Power up LEGO Batman to take on the villains of Gotham City!
Build a customizable and fully poseable Dark Knight to punish the villains of Gotham City with a powered-up suit and sword!

  • Lego Batman buildable figure and includes 2 swords which can be combined
  • Customize your model using the flexible building system
  • Stands over 8″ (20cm) tall
  • Build bigger figures with the exclusive high friction joints, combine with 4528 Lego Green Lantern for an even bigger Batman
  • Collect the other DC Universe characters: 4527 Lego The Joker and 4528 Lego Green Lantern

Purchase the LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman figure at the LEGO Shop for $14.99 and at from $21.99.

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  1. hi my name is caleb,I am nine years old.this toy is very cool. I like the sord.

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