Leggings with Chastity Yardstick

Leggings with Chastity Yardstick

What a lot of parents have to deal with when they’ve got some teenagers, specifically of the female gender, is with wardrobe choices. Nothing puts a dad more on guard then a daughter going out in ridiculously short skirts or skimpy dresses. If you’re one of those dads who just can’t seem to tell your daughter straight about how you’d like her to cover up more, then say it with these Leggings with Chastity Yardstick.

It’s an amusing article of clothing that also delivers a pretty strong message at the same time. Not only that, but she can actually wear it out, too, topped with a tunic or long top that can cover up just enough leg area to expose the right “measurement” on the chastity yardstick.

It’s not exactly on top of every fashion plate’s list, but hey, at least it will deliver your message loud and clear.

Leggings with Chastity Yardstick

Leggings with Chastity Yardstick

Sometimes you wear skirts that are so short you know you’d fit right in on the set of “Pretty Woman” And other times you’ll wear skirts way bellow the knee that look more like something out of “Little Women”.

But, the truth is, it’s all the same to you. And that’s just the right attitude. Put these leggings on and let the world know whether you’re playing coy or feeling more coquettish…
These leggings have a built-in chastity yardstick that measures forty inches of exposed thigh and is marked with the following adjectives (in Spanish): fatal, warrior, provocative, seductress, coquettish..

The Leggings with Chastity Yardstick is available from Curiosite for $22.88.

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