LED Sound Sensitive Ice Bucket

LED Sound Sensitive Ice Bucket

Your pad is party central and everyone enjoys getting down with their bad selves at your hedonistic hacienda, but maybe the disco ball and strobe lights have outlived their welcome. Update your den of revelry with the LED Sound Sensitive Ice Bucket.

Watch the groovy times keep on rocking when party-goers bathe in the fluctuating light provided by 12 blue LEDS that react to music, voices, and even the crash of overly-excited dancers that crash through the coffee table. Best of all, this dual-function light machine also does a great job of keeping the chill on your party beverage of choice.

LED Sound Sensitive Ice Bucket

  • Light up ice bucket
  • Sound sensitive
  • 12 blue LEDs
  • Can be set to continuous illumination
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Can be powered by 7.5V power adapter (not included)
  • Hand wash with care

Keep things cool in more ways than one with the LED Sound Sensitive Ice Bucket for £21.95 (approx $35.78) from drinkstuff.com.

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