LED Light USB Tube Speaker

LED Light USB Tube Speaker

This glowing tube-shaped USB speaker connects to MP3 and CD players, PDAs and other digital products using a standard 3.5mm stereo audio plug.


  • Powered by USB
  • Built-in blue LED light tube
  • Stereo sound
  • Can be connected to PC/Notebook/MP3/CD player
  • Dimension: Tube ~ 150 x 45 x 45mm, , Base ~ 72 x 78 x 25mm
  • Weight: 160g

LED Light USB Tube Speaker

The USB LED Light Tube Speaker is available from USB Brando for $22.

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Robert Birming

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness.

10 Responses to “LED Light USB Tube Speaker”

  1. Ramesh | The Geek Stuff Reply July 4, 2008 at 2:59 am

    Very nice. Now you can use this as your night-lamp, when you want to listen to a music and fall asleep. 🙂


  2. Indeed a good gadget to help me fall asleep. completely agree with Ramesh.

    I wonder if they have a pink one. So i can fall asleep together romantically with my chick. LOL!

  3. I agree too – I sure wouldn’t mind having such a speaker next to my computer.

    Thanks for our comments! 🙂

  4. These gadgets are a lot better looking than a lava lamp and provide music – great design and function.

  5. I afraid I haven’t read any reviews for the “LED Light USB Tube Speaker”. Maybe someone else has?

  6. The question is, how does it sound? Really though, how does it sound? Is there a review of these speakers somewhere? If it doesnt sound good who cares how cool it looks?

  7. can i use this on my motorcycle

  8. Portable Wireless Speakers Reply March 26, 2009 at 8:04 am

    OK, that thing weirds me out 🙂

  9. Hey friends check this out. I recently found these kinetics tiles. These are LED tiles and provide dancing light display, images or even movies shown on the wall ceiling of hotel or restaurant. They have to be seen to be understood.

  10. How fun! I love reading about the little things I can do to save energy. I currently have done 3/5 of the list. I just need to plant some hedges now and I am in good shape.

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