Lazy Days Mesh Hammock

Lazy Days Hammock

Jughead, the ever lovable albeit lazy character from the popular comic book series Archie Comics, is the first person I think about when I saw the Lazy Days Mesh Hammock.

Unlike the traditional and original hammocks that were formed by typing a blanket with sturdy rope around a bunch of tree trunks to support it, the Lazy Days Mesh Hammock is an ultra-light, ultra-portable, and ultra-comfortable version of that hammock. It might look pretty different, but it provides the same feel and comfort to the typical hammock.

Lazy Days Mesh Hammock

Weighing just 25lbs (11kg), the Lazy Days Mesh Hammock can be easily packed into the portable shoulder bag supplied, and the setup is simple enough for any lazybones, as you just stretch out the sprung metal frame, click it into shape, and then clip each end of the hammock bed to the frame.

Lightweight, yet sturdy, the steel stand on the Lazy Days Mesh Hammock can support up to 250 pounds (113kg) and gives you an abundance of space for lounging in complete comfort. So lie back, relax and indulge in the ultimate lazy pastime whenever and wherever you like.

The Lazy Days Mesh Hammock is available from Firebox for £129.99.

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  1. The hammock in the top picture isn’t even remotely close to the hammock in the bottom picture. I think the only similarity is color. What a disappointment.

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