Lazer Shirt Interactive Tee

Lazer Shirt Interactive Tee

There are a lot of shirts that aren’t just shirts anymore these days, like the Electronic Drum Machine Shirt and the Electronic Drum Kit T-Shirt. And then there’s the shirt that won’t play any sounds or play like some sort of musical instrument. Instead, the Lazer Shirt Interactive Tee is more like a shirt that you can custom-design and reuse, again and again.

Simply press the ultraviolet Lazer onto the Lazer Shirt Interactive Tee, draw and doodle away, and step into the darkness to see your designs come to life. When the design fades, pick the Lazer up again and start drawing away.

Glow in the Dark UV Light Shirt

Lazer Shirt Interactive Tee

Lazer Shirts are interactive white t-shirts that let you design your own creation with the power of UV light. Simply touch the ultraviolet Lazer to the shirt, press the button, and draw or write whatever you want. Step into the darkness and your shirt will glow, displaying your creative genius. When the design finally fades, you can use your UV light to draw something totally new. And even though your Lazer Shirt is magical, you can still toss it in the washing machine like every other t-shirt.

The Lazer Shirt Interactive Tee is available from ThinkGeek for $24.99.

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  1. So how long does the design actually last?

  2. Hi Lynn,

    The design lasts between 30 seconds and 20 minutes, depending on darkness of the room and brightness of the UV light source. Hope this helps!

    Check out for more info!

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