Last Night on Earth Zombie Board Game

Last Night on Earth Zombie Board Game

If you are looking to take a break from your Zombie Books and you need a new game to complement your Oh No…Zombies Board Game, the Last Night on Earth Zombie Board Game should do nicely.

This board game pits human survivors against the zombies and you can choose to play as either side. With multiple scenarios, 22 highly detailed miniatures, and a CD sound track with 11 original songs, game play is going to get almost as intense as it would be if you really had to fight off the walking dead.

Zombie Board Game Last Night on Earth

Choose to be the hero or go on an all-night brain eating feast; it’s your choice and both are sure to be fun.

Last Night on Earth comes with a modular board and five exciting scenarios so no game is ever the same. The mood will also be enhanced by the epic CD soundtrack that is included — enjoy quality music while the zombies feast on your brains! Twenty-two highly detailed miniatures will come to life as the zombies chase down the high school quarterback or the nurse from the local hospital. Get the Zombie Board Game, and get ready for your Last Night on Earth.

Learn to tools of the trade and become the ultimate brain eating zombie or learn how to survive as you play the Last Night on Earth Zombie Board Game from ThinkGeek for $44.99.

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