Lamborghini USB Memory Sticks

Lamborghini USB  Memory Sticks

These officially licensed Lamborghini USB memory sticks features 1GB of storage space and headlights that light up when you connect the car to your computer’s USB port.

Authentically designed and licensed by Lamborghini, the blue tinted windows, classic vented back windows and the sporty yellow or white paint job make this a car to have and a car to go with you anywhere.

Lamborghini USB  Memory Sticks


  • Licensed Lamborghini USB memory stick
  • 1 gig memory
  • Light up headlights when plugged in
  • Size: 6cm x 3cm x 2.5cm (including USB plug)

The 1GB USB Lamborghini Memory Sticks are available in two colors, white and yellow, for £21.95 (about $43 USD) from BoysStuff.

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  1. were can i buy the lamborghini mem stick from please will you send me a message on my hotmail

  2. The 1GB USB Lamborghini Memory Sticks are available from BoysStuff for £21.95 (about $43 USD). Link included in the article above.

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