Kimba the Witch Bubble Bubble Model Kit

Kimba the Witch Bubble Bubble Model Kit

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. There’s a lot of sexy trouble in store for the owner of the Kimba the Witch Bubble Bubble Model Kit as the sexy spellcaster reveals that a witch’s cauldron is used for more than mixing potions.

Halloween is right around the corner but you’re not going to want to put this wart-free witch away when the sun rises on the first day of November, and who could blame you? This scenic kit includes the sexy Kimba, the oh-so-lucky Cauldron, a floor base, shoes, a coat rack, Kimba’s hat and cape, scrubber, a bar of soap, and a bottle of Witch Hazel. Kimba’s faithful companion, Tissy, is even present for bath time. See?

Kimba the Witch Bubble  Kit

You didn’t see the little orange cat? Well, look again. Surely you can see that little orange head poking up through the soap suds.

Kimba the Witch Bubble Bubble Model Kit:

  • Scale: 1/7th
  • Material: Resin
  • Height: 12″ on base (included)
  • Parts: 12 including base

If you enjoyed the Kimba the Witch ‘Happy Halloween’ Polystone Statue then you’ll definitely want the curvaceous enchantress to cast her spell on you again so get the Kimba the Witch Bubble Bubble Model Kit for $115 from Tweeterhead.

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  1. that’s not an orange cat, it’s a devil rubber ducky… there’s a black cat on the floor though

  2. A little too risque for my aggregate feeds…

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