Killer Spiked Loafer

Killer Spiked Loafer

We once featured the hair-raising Spiked Zombie Heels that look extremely deadly on the right type of girl. Now we’d like to turn your attention to this Killer Spiked Loafer for a more casual yet equally hazardous look.

If you’re looking for shoes with an edge, they don’t get any edgier than this. The spiky metal studs will reflect light and attract attention you love; good or bad. It’s also been rumored that these shoes can turn zombies into dust.

Spiked Loafers

These killer spiked loafers say “don’t mess with me,” style- and self-defense-wise. These shoes don’t mess around. Awesome all over spiked loafers are a great transition piece from nightlife to office life. Made of manmade materials, so they’re animal free. How’s that for killer? Available in whole & half sizes 6-10

Who knew that spikes could be worn on any part of a shoe? Soccer players wear them on the bottom, cowboys wear their spurs behind their heels, and geeks can now wear a plethora of spikes all over the upper part of their shoes.

It looks like these marvels are selling out quickly. Get your pair of Killer Spiked Loafers at Fred Flare for $82. Sizes range from 6 to 10 in whole and half sizes for women.

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