Keyport Slide Keychain Replacement

Keyport Slide Keychain

Jingle, jingle, jingle! No, it’s not Christmas; that’s the sound you make with your old-fashioned key ring that lets the keys just hang there. Leave the jingle-jangle behind and let the Keyport make you as stealthy as a ninja.


A streamlined device with simple push-levers replaces the need to fumble through a collection of keys every time you need to unlock something, and you don’t have to worry about the Keyport ripping your pockets or stabbing you in the leg. Motorcycle riders will especially like this handy device because it means the end of hanging keys scratching up the paint on your bike.

Keyport Slide

Of course, some people put more than keys on their key chain, and the Keyport takes care of them too, because you can customize the Keyport by adding an LED light, a bottle opener, or even a 4GB or 8GB flash drive.

Keyport USB Flash Drive

Wondering how people know when you’re coming down the hall? Switch to the Keyport from for $79 and mystify your co-workers as you glide through the hall like a silent shadow.

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