Keychain GPS Receiver with Bluetooth

Keychain GPS Receiver with Bluetooth

Are you sitting on a smartphone or PDA that lacks a GPS feature? Don’t worry, this smart keychain will solve it – at least as long as you have a Bluetooth-compatible phone or PDA.

If your smartphone or PDA lacks GPS then this small Keychain GPS Receiver w/Bluetooth will get you on the right track. Simply attach this little unit to your keyring or backpack and the Bluetooth connection will provide GPS data to your phone or PDA.

Keychain GPS Receiver with Bluetooth


  • Bluetooth v2.0 class II (10m range using Serial Port Profile)
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery (re-charge via USB)
  • SiRFstar III chipset
  • Battery working time: 10 hrs
  • Dimensions: 1.54″ x 1.3″ x .79″
  • Requires third party GPS software (not included)

The Keychain GPS Receiver with Bluetooth ($99.99) is sold by ThinkGeek.

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