Just Pop It Hot Air Popcorn Popper-Basketball

Just Pop It Hot Air Basketball Popcorn Popper

Basketball fans will love popping popcorn in this Basketball shaped Popcorn maker. The Just Pop It Hot Air Popcorn Popper-Basketball is every NBA fans dream come true.

It will make healthy low calories popcorn every time and because it looks like a basketball, it is much cooler than conventional popcorn poppers.

Just Pop It Hot Air Popcorn Popper-Basketball

  • Melt Butter Place Butter Into The Butter Well And Place On Top Of The Popper Pop Popcorn Place The Cover Or Serving Bowl Under The Spout And Switch On The Illuminated On And Off Button
  • Healthy low Calorie Snack
  • Pops With No Oil
  • Pops Up To 18 Cups In 3 Minutes
  • Easy To Use Measure The Popcorn Kernels In Measuring Cup Pour Into The Popper Through The Clear Top

It’s just $29.99 from Amazon. At that price it’s a slam dunk.

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One Response to “Just Pop It Hot Air Popcorn Popper-Basketball”

  1. This popper is not worth the money to blow it up….I have used it once and I’m returning it…I put a measuring cup of popcorn in and at least half of it was forced out when the popping started…The tube is to short…When on pops it sends two out the spout…..

    Don’t waste your money…….

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