Jumbo Universal Remote Control

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Jumbo Universal Remote Control

Yes, we have seen them before, those mega size remote controls. This hard-to-misplace model from Zeon is capable of controlling your TV, DVD and satellite box.

With its over-grown size and large, squishy buttons, novelty gadget fans, plus anyone who has trouble with their eyesight, will love the Jumbo Universal Remote. Take control of your multimedia empire with the daddy of universal remote controls and manage your TV, DVD player and satellite box from one convenient, mutant-sized device.

The Jumbo Universal Remote is compatible with hundreds of devices, including most major brands. Simply use the remote control codes to synch the Jumbo Universal Remote with your TV and DVD player etc and you’re good to go. Grab your Jumbo Remote today – you’ll need both hands.

Jumbo Universal Remote Control

Main Features

  • Replace your remote controls with one convenient unit
  • Universal remote control for your TV, DVD and satellite box
  • Huge novelty size with large squishy buttons
  • Great novelty gadget
  • Ideal for the visually impaired
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

The Jumbo Universal Remote Control is available from Gizoo for £9.95 (about $18).

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10 Responses to “Jumbo Universal Remote Control”

  1. That is one massive remote control… impossible to lose down the back of the couch!

  2. Oh my god.. big big big!

  3. Thank you all for stopping by!

    • Please help me with the code for my s… Thanks
      harper image jumbo universal remote to program my Magnavox dvd player

  4. Man that is one big remote control xD 😀 …. hey where’s the damn button :))

  5. I have just been given a Zeon Jumbo remote for my Mother who cannot see her ordinary remote. However there are no instructions and therefore I do not know the set code for the remote to sync with her TV & set top box.

    Any advice

    • I have a Big Button Remote Control ( Jumbo Universal Remote ) Sold under the MEGA Label
      I can operate the TV & VCR but no luck with the set top box Can you help

      Model : Saorview Terestial Receiver Strong 8186

  6. super remote control!!!!!!

  7. does anyone know the codes for the big daddy remote? for an rca t.v

  8. Where can these remotes be purchased in bulk?

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