John’s Phone Simple and Easy Mobile Phone

John's Phone

Most mobile phones nowadays are all crammed with so many extra features and functions. They may even put the MP3 players and cameras out of business in a couple of years. But for people who want to use their mobile phones just for calling, then they’d better get John’s Phone—the world’s simplest and easiest cell phone.

It’s a little strange to name a mobile phone after a person but it’s as anonymous and basic as a John Doe. It comes in three classic colors: white, black, and gold if you feel like being fancy. This phone has been stripped right down to the very basics that it doesn’t even have a screen; just a keypad and two buttons to make and end your calls. Simple, quick, and easy, even for grandma.

John's Phone

John’s Phone

In this modern age of oojamaflippery, John’s Phone is a refreshing bit of simplicity. It’s a phone that, well, is a phone. Nothing else. It’s as simple as that – it can ring people, and people can ring it.

It comes with a paper address book and pen to keep all those numbers to hand, and no risk of accidentally sending that text to ‘Gran’ instead of Fran. With great simplicity comes great power, because, as John’s Phone isn’t wasting it’s battery on throwing birds at pigs, looking at pictures from last night or annoying the rest of the bus with those tinny ringtones, it has a talk time of 6 hours, and three weeks of standby time.

John’s Phone is available from Firebox online and retails for £59.99 – £84.99, depending on the color.

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  1. Too bad it’s a dumb phone the price of a smart phone.
    Call me when it’s a realistic price.

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