Jelly Belly Hand Warmers

Jelly Belly Hand Warmers

There have been all sorts of gadgets lately that can be used to keep your feet warm. There’s the Bagpuss Slippers and Hot Boots, which you can just pop into the microwave and wear to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Then there’s the Pajamas Warming Pouch which heats up your jammies just right so they’ll be at the perfect temperature when you put them on before turning in for the night. And then there are the Jelly Belly Hand Warmers for your hands.

Like the slippers we mentioned earlier, you can pop these vibrant-colored hand warmers into the microwave and hold onto them if the cold somehow seeped through your gloves. You can also slip them into your pockets to keep other areas of your body warm.

Jelly Belly Hand Warmers

Jelly Belly Hand Warmers are palm-sized versions of their classic cherry and blueberry beans. But instead of being made from scoffable jelly, they’re made from a super soft plush material. Just pop them in the microwave and these ever-so-tactile bean bags will warm up in less than a minute and stay warm for over an hour!

They’re wonderfully warming when you’ve just come in from the cold, or on those chilly winter mornings as you’re heading out the door – just blast them in the microwave for a few seconds and pop ‘em in your pockets to keep your hands (and legs) toasty.

The Jelly Belly Hand Warmers are available from Firebox for £12.99 ($21.)

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