Jeff Dunham Walter Talking Bobble Head

Jeff Dunham Walter Talking Bobble Head

Tired of ventriloquist acts with goofy dolls that say cutesy things and make lame puns? If so, grab the Jeff Dunham Walter Talking Bobble Head and honor the geriatric grump as your savior and hero.

Jeff Dunham is a talented guy but the show doesn’t really get going until he brings out Walter, in my opinion. You can’t help but laugh at Walter because his grumpiness is what makes him funny. Through the mouth of this sourpuss old guy, Dunham brings out the laughs by letting Walter voice the things we’d love to say, if we were brave enough.

Now, you don’t have to catch Walter on stage to hear some of his best lines because the bobble head will say them for you, including gems like:

  • “Who the hell cares?”
  • “Oww, jerk.”
  • “April fools, dumb ass.”
  • “Aww, shut the hell up.”
  • “Stop pushing the damn button.”
  • “You’re an idiot.”
  • “What am I, a doorbell?”
  • “Furrt… was that me?”
  • “Stop squeezing me, you moron.”
  • “Marriage is supposed to be forever, and this one is taking too damn long.”

Let Walter’s bad mood improve yours with the Jeff Dunham Walter Talking Bobble Head for $14.99 at Entertainment Earth and about $23 at

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