James Hance Star Wars / Winnie the Pooh Art

James Hance Wookie the Chew

At GeekAlerts.com we love awesome designs and clever mashups, especially if they involve Star Wars and Cute Stuff. Therefore, it goes without saying that we love this James Hance Star Wars / Winnie the Pooh Art. James Hance’s Wookie the Chew series of artwork features Chrisolo Robin (Han Solo / Christopher Robin) and Wookie the Chew (Chewbacca / Winnie the Pooh).

However, James Hance artwork is not limited to just Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh, as there are all kinds of wonderful mash-ups. He combines things like Doctor Who, Sesame Street, Firefly, the Muppets, Superman, Calvin & Hobbes, Monsters Inc, He-Man, and Where the Wild Things Are. For example, Star Wars and Monsters Inc. are combined in “Boo & Chew,” and the Muppets and Firefly are combined in “Firefrog.”

Rather than talk about it, it’s really better just to look at some examples.

Most Likely Lose It Again, Anyway

Flowers Lead to Friendship

James Hance Star Wars Winnie the Pooh

James Hance Star Wars Where the Wild Things Are

Doctor The Future

James Hance Firefrog

Browse more James Hance Artwork and order originals, prints, and T-shirts at JamesHance.com. You can also browse James Hance designs at RedBubble.com where you can order t-shirts, hoodies, kids tees, onesies, and stickers. Plus until 12/20/11 you can enter to Win Three $50 RedBubble Gift Codes, which you can use for a James Hance Star Wars t-shirt or anything else from RedBubble.com.

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