Jack Daniel’s Stainless Steel Barrel Shot Glass

Jack Daniel's Stainless Steel Barrel Shot Glass

We’ve seen a lot of cool shot glasses here on Geek Alerts. Some of my favorites include the Doomed Crystal Skull, Chemistry Beakers, Batman / Superman Cape, Red Cups, 7 Deadly Sins, and Game of Thrones shot glasses. If you’re a fan of Tennessee Whiskey, then your new favorite might be this Jack Daniel’s Stainless Steel Barrel Shot Glass.

This officially licensed shot glass is made of stainless steel, and is shaped just like a tiny Jack Daniel’s barrel used to age their whiskey. Old No. 7 is their famous black label brand that is mellowed with charcoal and aged on handcrafted oak barrels for a balanced character and sweet, oaky flavor.

Jack Daniel’s Stainless Steel Barrel Shot Glass

This stainless steel barrel shot is modeled to be a scaled down version of the actual Jack Daniel’s Whiskey barrels. The Jack Daniel’s Swing logo and Old No. 7 Brand Cartouche logo appears on one side of the shot glass.

Purchase the Jack Daniel’s Barrel Shot Glass for $13.69 at Amazon.com. Jack Daniels fans will also want to check out the 3 Wise Men Flask.

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