Iron Samurai – Japanese Inspired Red LED Watch

Iron Samurai LED Watch

If keeping track of time is your thing then the stylish ZIIIRO Mercury Stainless Steel Watch might satisfy your chronological-keeping urge and the little one might be proudly sporting the Hello Kitty Wristwatch Cell Phone, but the Iron Samurai – Japanese Inspired Red LED Watch is what you need if you want to show off a macho side with your wrist wardrobe.

Blend Tokugawan style and Shogunate design with blood red numerals glowing from samurai sword steel with a simple tap from your fingers. In Time mode, the upper number reveals the hour while the lower number represents the minutes. In Date mode, the month is above the day.

The Iron Samurai – Japanese Inspired Red LED Watch is available for $12.45 at Amazon. If you want to start living the Bushido way but aren’t real thrilled with the color of blood, you can opt for the Iron Samurai with blue LED’s for $16.99.

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  1. The clock shows 6:40, not 6:48…

  2. I’m from Indonesia,i’m intresting with samurai led watch.
    How to buy it?

  3. Please reply from my Facebook,thank you,,

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