Iron Patriot Collectible Bust

Iron Patriot Collectible Bust

In Iron Man 3, War Machine gets a new patriotic look, and the Iron Patriot Collectible Bust shows off the star-spangled hero in all his awesome, butt-kicking glory.

When it comes to creating hi-tech armor, Tony Stark is like a god, but his fashion sense and color palette could use some serious help because he seems to have a serious fixation on red and gold.

On the other hand, Jim “Rhody” Rhodes knows how to shake things up a bit. When he first ‘borrowed’ a set of armor from Tony, it was just plain silver. Then Rhody made it look all kinds of tough by adding some dark grey to the color scheme, which is shown off in great detail with the War Machine Mini-Bust.

In Iron Man 3, Rhody gets even more creative and gives us an armored hero that makes you think more of Captain American than Iron Man… except for that big, honkin’ cannon over his shoulder.

Hot Toys Iron Patriot Collectible Bust

Iron Patriot Collectible Bust

  • Iconic character Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3 movie in approximate 1:4 scale in fine sculpture
  • Approximately 9 inches / 23 cm tall
  • LED-lighted eyes and heart (white light, battery operated)
  • Rotatable shoulder weapon
  • Metallic blue, red and silver colored paint on armor
  • Square-shaped display stand featuring the Iron Patriot nameplate and movie logo

The Iron Patriot Collectible Bust will be available September 2013 but it can pre-ordered now for $109.99 at Sideshow Collectibles.

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