Iron Man Helmet Is Impressive

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

New law. Everyone driving a motorcycle must wear a geeky Superhero helmet like this Iron Man helmet. I suggest this law mostly so that I can pretend I live in the pages of Marvel comics, but it also helps everyone. Seeing Iron Man passing by at high speed on a cycle will definitely make the citizens of any city feel safer.

And while these custom helmets from Tigerpause444 on YouTube may not actually protect the heads of the faux heros wearing them, they are amazing replicas of their on-screen counterparts. This Iron Man helmet is awesome. If I had one, I would have to complete the theme by customizing my ride too. Tigerpause444 has also created Transformers, Star Wars, Halo and other helmets too. Some even light up and change your voice.

Transformers Motorcycle Helmet

So, who is up for forming a new geek motorcycle gang? We can ride across the country fighting crime and looking good, but mostly looking good. I call dibs on Iron Man. Great work Tigerpause444. Check out his Youtube Channel.

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Conner Flynn

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5 Responses to “Iron Man Helmet Is Impressive”

  1. very cool!

  2. are either available to purchase????

    • This post is from 2011. Not sure what the current status is on those helmets.

    • sorry.. none of my helmets are for sale.. I have several unselfish reasons on why I don’t sell them.. but if you visit my vids on youtube, I give plenty clues on how I modify helmets.. cheers my friend.. tigerpause

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