Iron Man Equation T-Shirt

Iron Man Equation Shirt

Liking a comic book hero like Iron Man used be enough to have you classified as a geek, but Hollywood made the armored hero cool so earning your geek cred requires a little more effort these days. The Iron Man Equation T-Shirt will make sure your reputation stays intact.

These days, comic books are cool and superheroes are cool but the Periodic Table of Elements is still considered to be a landscape restricted to geeks, nerds, and scientists. Luckily, that allows you to put a neat elemental spin on Iron Man.

The brown, 100% cotton t-shirt features the ‘Fe’ elemental classification for iron, in addition to the universal system for man – a silhouette of a guy wearing a tie. I guess the tie indicates that this isn’t merely any man; it’s Tony Stark. Put the two together and you get Iron Man. You also get the right to slap anyone upside the head who asks you what the shirt means because they obviously need help.

You can get the Iron Man Equation T-Shirt for $19.99-$20.99 at

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  1. This would be so much cooler if the “man” was the Vitruvian Man.

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