Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Racing Jacket Replica

Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Racing Jacket Replica

Since women like men who ride motorcycles, a repeated gag on movies and TV is for a guy to carry a motorcycle helmet with him to a bar or nightclub, even though he doesn’t ride a motorcycle. I’m not sure if this trick works in real life, but instead of having to carry a helmet around, you can go for the same effect with this Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Racing Jacket Replica.

If you do ride a bike, you have the protection of this padded racing jacket and its authentic ballistic-grade Cordura-nylon material. If you don’t ride, you can just look strong and stylish like Tony Stark himself by wearing this Iron Man 2 Racing Jacket Replica that features superb detailing such as the leather accents like the number and STARK lettering.

Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Racing Jacket Replica

  • Wear Tony Stark’s racing jacket from the Iron Man 2 movie!
  • Made of authentic ballistic-grade Cordura-nylon material, with leather accents.
  • This wearable replica is both sleek and stylish… just like Tony Stark!

Due in March 2011, you can pre-order the Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Racing Jacket Replica for $324.99 from

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