Iriver Domino – Stylish USB Flash Drive

Iriver Domino

Domino is the name of this new beautiful flash drive from Iriver, featuring a sliding USB connector and available with 2 or 4 gigabytes of storage space.

You will be able to get the memory stick in black, white, silver, chocolate or pink. The price is set to $21 for the 2GB model and $34 for the 4GB one.

Visit the Iriver website for more photos of the Domino USB flash drive.

(Aving via Engadget and Prylfeber)

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Robert Birming

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10 Responses to “Iriver Domino – Stylish USB Flash Drive”

  1. Coolest USB Drive, I guess! 🙂

    So small and have a nice design. Easy for storage and neat design. Nice find, Robert!

  2. Mm, I totally agree. Thank you Ken! 🙂

  3. Same like my KINGMAX 2GB flash drive I bought a month ago in ABU Dhabi mall.

    I find it very cute and stylish.

  4. Thanks for the tips Mel, it really looks quite similar.

  5. Where can I get hold of one of these? Are they out yet, if not, does anyone know when they will be released?

  6. I’m not sure if the Iriver Domino will be sold outside of South Korea.

    Does anyone else know?

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