iPower – Portable iPhone Charger with Speaker

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iPower - Portable iPhone Charger with Speaker

The handy iPower device is a portable lightweight “power station” that lets you charge your Apple iPhone 2G or 3G on the go. It also features a built-in 1.5W speaker.


  • Capacity: 2400mAh
  • Charging Time: ~3hrs
  • Discharging time (to iPhone): ~3hrs
  • Power of amplifier speaker: <1.5W
  • Input Voltage: 4.8 ~ 5.5V
  • Weight: 93g

iPower - Portable iPhone Charger with Speaker


  • On/Off button to access the secondary battery when on, off use iPhone battery.
  • iPower will turn off automatically after 60s idle status. Or your can turn it off/on by press and hold the button for 3s.
  • Connect the charge cable to charge the iPhone and secondary battery simultaneously.
  • If iPower’s power is below 10%, the 1st LED will remind you by flickering fast. If bwlow 5%, iPower will stop charging iPhone and providing power for it ; the speaker could keep on playing for about 7hours at this condition.
  • iPower (3G version) has the volume control button on its right. Ten levels in total. Press and hold up button, volume will increase until Max, press and hold down button, volume will decrease until Mute.

The iPower Prortable Power Station with Speaker is available from Brando for $44.

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4 Responses to “iPower – Portable iPhone Charger with Speaker”

  1. These are the WORST pieces if crap ever built. My wife and I have iPone’s and have gone through at least 7-8 of these. Fist off DON’T expect the speaker to work a ALL. it just makes a crackling sounds. The Batterylife is fantastic, but the units do NOT last.

    The Customer Service is GREAT, they will change the unit out if it is within the warranty time period, wich it alwaysbreaks within. Which tells you that these do NOT stand the test of time. Stay away, they are nothing more than a headache. Unless spending time shipping things back and waiting weeks to receive a replacement is your thing!!! There are other choices out there. I have a Mophie power pack, works GREAT but the rubber side grip sides come off after the 2-3rd week. The glue used is very stickey and hard to get off. Use some W-D 40 and some papertowels and reomove the stips. there are two pieces the rubber strip and a clear strip, that was the double sided glue strip used to glue them together, be sure to remove that. once that’s done the Mophie will still work great, the rubber stips are NOT needed… The Mophie sells for around $89.00. look for it on e-bay and Amazon… The battery life is NOT as good but will get you through the day and your iPhone will be fully charged when you get home from work, unless you work into the evening hours, then your iPhone will give you many more hours of use!!!

  2. I have purchased two of these and have returned at least 7-8 times. I gave up and received a refund. If you are so confident in your product, send me a unit for free as a gesture of good will and we’ll see if it lasts…


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