iPod Tracksuit Case

ipod track top case

A close cousin of the iPhone Hoodie Gadget Case, the iPod Tracksuit is sportier and has two pockets to hold your ear buds.

Not sure when or how non-athletes have taken over the polyester tracksuit look, but this iPod accessory has seized the golden opportunity. Our iPhones and iPods get quite a workout when it comes to juggling data, so they well deserve to have their own wardrobes and comfy clothes. Red, black and white look so sharp together, and check out the fine tailoring in the collar and sleek black zipper. Bada-bing!

iPod Tracksuit Case

  • Red and tracky top for iPods and smartphones
  • Protection against scratches from keys and other items in your pocket
  • Polyester jacket with soft cotton lining
  • One size fits most MP3 players and smartphones
  • Two mini and one large storage pocket
  • Measures approx. 13cm x 6cm

The iPod Tracksuit is £5.95 at Red5.

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  1. Christopher Cronenweth Reply April 25, 2012 at 1:52 am

    Very adorable iPod Tracksuit Case! Thanks a lot Patra. BTW, could you please recommend us a headset which is from other company instead of iPod default one?

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